Train Wreck

Travel Journal Entry 4

I’m on the train to Dharamasala now, it’s just north of the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ in India so i think it will be quieter than anywhere we’ve been before.

I can’t wait to start teaching in the school; still can’t believe we were delayed for seven hours though! I suppose I’m sort of glad; we played games with Jeremy on the platform and a huge crowd formed around us. I don’t think many had seen a white person before, they were fascinated by us.

Travel Journey Entry 5

I couldn’t sleep in the bunk beds so I went to the toilet; I met a pair of men by the door with the conductor, they had opened the train door to let some fresh air in.

They seemed friendly enough, we talked for about an hour. Apparently the two men were brothers, they were both metal workers on their way to see family; they told me they worked in the city for months at a time. One of them had a new daughter he was going to meet for the first time when he got home!

I’m sat at the door now, the train is moving slow enough to hang my legs out the carriage. It’s hard to see but I think there are small villages all along the tracks, they don’t have electricity so I can’t see any lights. Everything is so peaceful he-


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