As the Sun set over the Manchester skyline, the city came to life. The clubs finally opened, filling with students. One of them, Ben I think his name was, told me where I can buy the cheapest Cocaine.

I feigned interest, the truth is he disgusts me. Low-life scum, I’ve spent years getting to where I am now, I’m not messing all that up for a drug to take it all away.

He even offered me a line of his, just to try it out; I told him I needed the toilet, I didn’t intend to come back. When I got to the toilet it was empty, I thought it was a bit weird for a busy club but I didn’t think too much of it.

That’s when I was mugged, they knocked me out from behind. When I woke up everything was gone, my phone, my keys, even my jacket. This city is full of scum…


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