The Camper Van Man

I was playing in a field near Blackpool,
Nowhere near school,
There was a rusty old camper van,
And In it there was a man.

Sprawled on his shelf,
There’s a picture of himself,
With some children,
I think they must be his then?

He made me sit on his thigh,
I-I just said “hi”,
He said he needed a friend,
He asked for a photo to lend.

I’ve been here for days now,
He’s kept me in his van,
The man,
I don’t know how.

I was on the news last night,
It gave me quite a fright,
I’m dead…

I’m in Hell then.

What did I do wrong?
Is Mummy upset with me?
I’ll be good Mummy,
I won’t cry anymore,
I won’t try to get out the door.

Maybe If I’m good I can see you,
We can go to the park,
With Daddy too,
I’ll be like brand new.

I miss you Mummy…


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