I thought after my post on internet writing a few hours ago that I would like to expand my blog’s audience. So, I’m just letting you all know that I’ve created a Tumblr blog, and a Twitter account to go alongside my WordPress. This won’t affect my daily posts as each site will publish the same content; if you would like to see the new page the links are below, feel free to like, follow, and share til your heart’s content. Be warned, they aren’t much to look at yet.



Thank you for reading.


7 responses to “Expansion

  1. It’s definitely important to expand and look for new avenues to promote your work. It’s what’s exciting about keeping a blog: You and you alone are responsible for the success and transit of your material. Good luck!

      • Twitter can seem pretty banal, and sometimes it’s used that way. But it’s perfect to connect with other bloggers and authors, exchanging links to material and basically letting them flow at an incredible speed. You can also stay in contact with people you may admire; you’ll be surprised at how many times they tweet back.

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