Another World

Rich and poor,

Businessmen don’t sleep on the floor,

Like the children,

Like the elderly.


Gold and mud,

They’d be happy for a flood,

Leave the children

Leave the elderly.


Brick and straw,

The rich always want more,

Exploit the children,

Exploit the elderly.


Medicine and blood,

No one helps but they should,

Help the children,

Help the elderly.


Help them all.


3 responses to “Another World

  1. Help these people and save their day
    stop all the suffering in the world to day

    everyone needs a helping hand
    so please dont ignore
    them and their pleads

    as we cant all be selfish in this world
    and ignore them to day

    in their time they have helped others
    now its our turn to repay

    so help some one in life and help them to day
    a smile and a little understanding
    would go along away.

    This person has written a very valid
    and important piece of poetry and made a point we should all heed
    and help others through life with all their needs

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