Returning to the Joys of Reading

Recently, I have been put off reading for pleasure. It’s partially my own fault because I’ve been busy or just been doing something else, but mainly I think it’s the fault of my exam. I had to read so many books (and by read I mean search the internet for plot summaries due to sheer boredom) that I just didn’t enjoy; these were mostly classics which I find are alright until I have to read one after another after another after…you get the picture. To give you an example, I read the first part of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey in which the most exciting event turned out to be meeting a man at a ball, oh and the protagonist’s parent called her “almost pretty” which was just fabulous…

So, now that my exam it out of the way I plan to start enjoying reading again. First of all I’m going to finish A Song of Ice and Fire, then I’ll probably move on to some of Joe Abercrombie’s work (I’ve had The Blade Itself sad on my bookshelf for a good while now. After that I can see the completion of the collection of Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories I downloaded onto my kindle a while back, and maybe even a catch up on the latest Peter F. Hamilton sci-fi novel.

In short, I’m returning to the joys of reading. I would love for you to comment and let me know what I should read. I’m extremely willing to add to my already massive list. Thanks.


7 responses to “Returning to the Joys of Reading

  1. Truly happy whenever I hear of another person becoming a bookworm! I was the same way during grad school when I was so busy preparing myself professionally, that I did not have time to “read for fun”. Have fun making your massive list get smaller (but I’m sure you’ll add to the list as well). A quote I like in regards to the joys of reading: “Everyone is a reader…just not everyone has found their favorite book yet.”

    • Thanks for commenting, I’ve actually always been a bookworm but recently I haven’t had the time which is sad. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with my reading soon. 🙂

  2. i don’t have anything to really recommend to you, because the only book i have ever really treasured is Black Like Me. It is a white man getting injections to turn his skin black, and then returning to his community. a story of slavery, blacks versus whites. i am big into slavery era. i hope you have a great summer, just enjoy and relax before next term starts

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