Losing Interest

Recently I’ve became slightly disinterested with my blog. Daily posts are becoming something of a chore, and I think my frequent blog activity has caused me to become a bit bored.

So, to counter this, I’m going to try blogging once every other day; hopefully I’ll regain my interest. I’ll post again on Sunday with updated schedules and a poem for you all to (hopefully) enjoy.


6 responses to “Losing Interest

  1. the new way the comments are being sent to email boxes is too over whelming to me. it is not unusual for me to have at least 600 a day. i wish wordpress would have left things unchanged

    • Yes I think you’re right, I’m starting to regain interest now and have been planning my future posts. If all goes according to said plans I should be blogging again by the end of the week; I’m thinking that three posts a week should be a good enough amount to be worthwhile but not too much as to overwhelm me.

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