Best Bits

To celebrate the success of my Easter challenge in which I wrote an extra two pieces of creative writing a day, for five days, I’ve decided to create a new page to showcase my own, and my reader’s favourite pieces of writing from my blog. I will keep this page fairly tidy, only including the top five creative writing posts from recent weeks, updates will involve a piece of writing which received positive feedback replacing the oldest post on the page.

So, without further ado, here we go:


The Crow

It felt no remorse,
As it pecked at the corpse,
On the floor,
In the ditch,
Its squawk a high pitch.

His name was Mitch,
Wasn’t very rich,
Homeless actually,
No one will miss,
No one gives a piss.


Monkey Business

Trapped in a cage beneath onion-like layers of concrete, a chimpanzee starts to whine. It’s handler stamps out the already fading memories with a sharp rattle of the cage door.

“Be quiet!” he hissed “I’m not putting up with you all night again, you’re not going back so just deal with it.”

The creature crawled into the corner of it’s new world, cold and alone it drifted in and out of an uncomfortable sleep.

In the morning it would be forced to ingest a new drug used to treat mild cases of acne; it will react badly to the medicine. Around midday it will develop a rash on it’s feet. By seven o’clock it will be dead, on it’s way to the incinerator; it’s replacement is already on the way.


An Ice Cream Sundae Made For Two

In the Lakes,
On weekend breaks,
An old couple usually sit on the docks,
Not much need for sun blocks.

Every single year,
They hold it dear,
That trip to Windermere,
It keeps their mind clear.

The ice cream van,
The owner, a man,
Knows them well,
So he heard the death knell,
Of the bell,
It left an empty shell.

An old man,
Alone and weeping,
May as well be sleeping,
As he eats an ice cream sundae made for two.


To Be A Fish

To be a fish would be a wondrous life,
I could swim in the sea and avoid all the strife,

I could cut through the water with schools of dolphins,
I wouldn’t have to worry about the recycling bins,

I could race along the currents with shoals of fish,
And if I ever got caught I’d make a really nice dish,

And I wouldn’t mind dying,
Anything is better than this,
There’s no point crying,
Ignorance is bliss.



Beauty used to wander her village,

While beast enjoyed a good pillage,

When he caught her,

She screamed and fought and pleaded.


Beauty was stuck in a cell,

While Beast learned her real name was Belle,

She was corrupted,

With the aid of Mr. Stockholm,


Beauty fell in love,

While Beast acted like a dove,

They were together,

She wrote her father a letter,

Belle honestly thought it was better.


2 responses to “Best Bits

  1. I had no idea I hadn’t followed you, I just thought you hadn’t done anything in ages [I feel bad now 😦 ]. These are really good though, I’ll read all the others later 😀

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