Greetings World

Hello everyone, welcome to The Literate Worm blog site. Essentially this blog is about Literature, but not just reading it (well it is for you), writing it as well! I will be posting something new every day, and each day will link to a certain category, as shown below:

Monday – Review

Tuesday – Prose

Wednesday – Literature

Thursday – Philosophy

Friday – Literature

Saturday – Poetry

Sunday – Polls on what to do next

I hope you are looking forward to reading my work as much as I am to writing it. Also, look out for links to new blogs as I create them, I’m planning on writing a episodic or non-linear narrative for example,  which I will set up on a new blog some time in the future so that it doesn’t ruin my beautifully planned schedule (that I threw together only moments ago).

So anyway, have a good time reading what I have to say, if you like it then comment or ‘like’ the post, and if you don’t like it then comment and tell me why. Either way I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow.